Wednesday, July 2, 2008


This is my first blog entry! How exciting and sort of intimidating. For my first post I would like to introduce myself. I'm a central Washington photographer ready and willing to travel wherever my clients take me. I love to travel and when photography is included that makes any trip prefect.

People often ask me how long I have been a photographer. I would have to say all my life. I have always looked at the world as if it is a photograph. Did I study photography? Yes. Spending time in a black and white lab without utilizing any automatic features teaches you to really understand photography.

On this blog you will find my most recent work, as well as tips on how you can get better pictures from your photography experience. I've adopted the mantra "See the Unseen", a phrase meant to describe the results I want to provide for each and every customer. I love creating an image that others don't see and when they look at the back of my camera they say WOW!!

I am lucky enough to two beautiful daughters who are willing and able to be my models. And boy can they model. Here are a few of the many images that were taken of my "brides". We all love photography and creating beautiful images.

Meet my youngest daughter, Shaylene, who is not a bride, and has no plans to be so anywhere in the near future. She is however a fantastic photographer who acts as my second shooter throughout the Summer.

This images was taken in the Columbia River with the reflection of our beautiful northwest sky. Hanging out in the middle of the was November and it was freezing!!

I've made it a habit to comb the auctions on ebay looking for dresses to use during our sessions together. The dresses I find might not be up to date in style, but they usually tend to lend a classic beauty to the photos.

Hanging out on the edge of a cliff at the Columbia Gorge is no big deal for Shaylene by now. Bridals are going to be a piece of cake for her when it's her turn for her real bridal shoot.

My oldest daughter Jenna is going to be married this October. We arranged to have a bridal shoot in Rome while we were in Europe visiting her in-laws. There are many more images that I am very excited to show you from this shoot. I'll have them ready to post here in a few days. You can visit Jenna's blog to learn more about the dress that made this shoot possible!

Thanks for visiting. Please leave me a comment and let me know how you found me!


Karen said...

Lovely work! I found your link from Jenna's posting on WeddingBee.

Amanda and Jared said...
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Amanda and Jared said...

Wow Denise! I never knew you were such an amazing photographer. Do you take family photos? Could I get your email so that I could talk to you more about it? You could comment your response on my page. I found your site through Jenna's blog.

Denise said...

Karen: Thanks for stoppin' by. Your new website rocks. Great clean look. People should check it out.