Monday, July 28, 2008

The Rome Bridal Shoot

My last post mentioned that I was able to do a bridal session with my oldest daughter Jenna in Europe. The shoot happened from 10 pm to about 4 am on a Saturday night and it was definitely an adventure for both of us. We received countless wishes of good fortune, a round of applause at the Trevi fountain, roses from admirers, were visited by a theif, and Jenna was even showered with a few kisses from drunk Italian men.

We were so fortunate to be loaned the dress and bolero's you see by Designing Millie. Please visither blog here, and the MILLIE website here to see more of their gorgeous dresses.

This is our first shoot, 11:00pm at the Trevi Fountain, with a crowd of about 400 people watching. Can I say intimidation!!

I set up a flash to shoot light into the fountain and a police women came to inform me that you can not have anything on the rock in the fountain...I even understood her in Italian!

This is what it looks like with out flash on the water.

We name the different poses before we went so we could look very professional. Yep this was call "The Batman". The people from Wyoming laughed.

So....we inducted the Wyoming people to be veil tossers. Good job Wyoming.

No little Bride, no sleeping, we still have the best to come. (It was only 12:30am)

Off to the Coliseum!!

ARE YOU READY? Here are my favorites. Yes!!!

Just a little wind and the veil starts to move.

Little Bride is tired, it is 2:00am now and finally everyone is almost gone.

Ok cute Italian guys, leave Miss Bride alone she has work to do!! Italian men love Brides.

Love the wind. And Jenna is kick'n it too.

One of my Fav's.

I love this effect. Very dramatic, surreal almost.

I am now holding the veil with one hand, shooting with the other. Balance is everything.

Sweet ending!

3:00am. Hey we don't look to bad for Mom and daughter. Thank you dear sweet Miss Bride.


Maura said...

What lovely photographs! Your daughters do indeed make beautiful brides (actual or just modeling.)I was just flipping through the blogs when I came across yours. I will have to stop by again sometime.

Kelli said...

These are so absolutely fabulous. I'd never be able to come out with shots like this at 2 am!!!

Jess and Carl said...

Denise! You are sensational! If only I wasn't pregnant and could put on my wedding dress and come to Royal for you to shoot me! Maybe one day! :) The pictures are beautiful, your girls are beautiful, you are beautiful, and I miss you all! I bet you are just so excited for Jenna's wedding and I can't wait to see more pictures of the event. I send my love!

Tasha said...

I love the photos of Jenna at the Coliseum. Don't get me wrong the shots at the fountain are gorgeous, but I think that I like the warmer glow. Did you use different colored flashes or something to get the different colored waters?

Denise said...

Maura-Thanks for visiting. Come back again:)

kelli-I've seen your work, I know you could. Come hang around us and we will keep you going. Remember sleeping in is good.....

jess-your are a sweet heart. Congrats on the baby. When are you do? Who knew that someday we would be photographing Jenna in Rome. Life is always hopp'in. Miss your smiling face too.

tasha-The coliseum are my favs also. It was about 2am the wind picked up and we got a new burst of engergy. Can't go wrong in rome. Two flashes slaved to my camera. The flashing behind Jenna pointing at the water has a blue filter. The rest is all Denise going crazy with photoshop.

Denise said...

Maura: Come an back. Would love to here more comments...Pass it on! Have a great one.

Jenny said...

so much fun chatting with you on Bee TV!

Denise said...

Jenny-Wedding Bee Rocks. It was so fun. I thought I would be so nervous, but it was like chatting with friends. Love that.