Thursday, September 4, 2008

Jason and Valerie's Wedding

Jason and Valerie's wedding was beautiful and they had so much fun.

We met for a couple portrait session the day before the wedding. Never know what is hiding behind a warehouse.

Isn't that a cool back ground? It is the warehouse floor. We used the warehouse for portraits also.

Yep, taken in the warehouse. Valerie was so brave to lay on top of new sorting table. She is beautiful.

They have an adorable son and he has the most engaging laugh...They are the cutest family.

Wedding day. In all it craziness, Jason and Valerie were able to sneak out and spend some time together before the wedding. I love the way they look at each other, it tells the whole story.

This is a sassy shot of Valerie out side, cool shadow. This shoot was taken by Shaylene Rene' (my fabulous assistant photographer)

People hate showing emotion, but for me it is the best part of any ceremony. It is real!!

Laugher is the best.

The bridal party butterfly's fluttering around.

If you want to make a groom sweat, ask him to bustle his wifes dress.

Boys and bubbles, who could resist this darling shoot.

And then there are shoes!! Another irresistible shot.

Isn't this series great!! Valerie's face is so funny and Jason is so proud.

This is the prefect way to end the night. A hug for the photographer. I love all my brides and grooms.


Veritablerika said...

I also found you through wedding bee. Actually, to be honest, two of my friends found your pictures on wedding bee and e-mailed me seperately to say "LETS GO TO ROME SO YOU CAN TAKE MY PICTURE!" I'd love to pick your brain about your infamous Rome wedding shots. Your work is absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing it. :)

Denise said...

Veritabelerika: Thanks for the comment. Rome is amazing!! Stunning is a better term. That was a fun shot, crazy, but fun. Roman's don't take just bridals, they always take couples. Everywhere we went people would ask where was the groom? And they all call out "Much Happiness and Good Luck" in Italian, or think that is a general translation. Then there were the Roman men. They would all run into the shot and ask to kiss the bride, along with a photo by friends. Great memories. Hey ask away with your questions. Share this post with your friends....pass it on.

mark lawrence said...

Your photographs are quite artistic; the couple must have loved these! It’s good inspiration for me as my friend has approached me to be his wedding photographer. Their ceremony is next week at one of the wedding venues Los Angeles. I will try my best to create some magic with my pictures much like you’ve done.